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  • Born in Tokyo in 1955, Ms. Michiko Matsuda was raised in Kamakura. She started her schooling at Seisen Elementary School and continued onto Seisen Junior and Senior High School. After her secondary education, she continued her studies at Joshibijitu Daigaku (Woman’s Art University). While studying international home cooking under Mrs. Fusako Holthaus, she also studied Japanese and Chinese cuisine. She is a board member of the Japan Cereal and Grain Association, a culinary researcher, a table coordinator and lecturer at Joshibijutu Daigaku. Tea ceremony, flower arrangement and homemaking which she learned from her mother have become the foundation of her career.
  • In 1984, from her experience in New York and her love for tasty foods, she established “Parole,” a party producing, catering, food arrangement commercial advisory company which continued for ten years. Different from hotel catering foods, her style was fashionable, delicious and healthy. In 1993, she began the “Matsuda Michiko Cooking School in Ebisu, where Japanese family cooking, using the seasonal and natural flavor of the ingredients arranged in a fashionable, yet easy to prepare way, is taught. This is her theme. In addition, she has developed original menus to prevent and control geriatric diseases and obesity. “Delicious foods made in an enjoyable atmosphere makes the mind and the body healthy!” This is her motto.
  • Table coordinating is one of her specialties and flower and table coordinating is also taught at her school. Some of her other skills include developing new menus and system kitchens. She has also written several cookbooks, essays, articles for magazines, appeared on TV, commercials, given lectures and produced many parties. Her most recent theme is seeking a reasonable way to cook dishes bringing out the taste and flavor of the ingredients. She has been putting a lot of effort in her position as a Japanese culinary professional. Recently, her daily cooking utensils, kitchenware and apron have received recognition and she is working on developing new items. Since 1999, she has been taking Pilates lessons from a private instructor and has been experimenting on the connection between exercise and food. Recently she started ‘gyrotonic’ in order to balance the mind and body.
  • In 2008, she started her own private brand “Matsuda Michiko’s Jizai Utensils” based on the concept of “Kotowari Reason and Jizai-Freedom.” There was a necessity to develop cooking utensils for the present-day Japanese for the benefit of the user. Also she dealt with the development of basic original tableware. In the same year, she set up a corner called “Matsuda Michiko’s toriyose Shokudo,” where she introduced different seasoning ordered from all over Japan. Her favorite phrase is, “Simple is Best!” which is the basis of her work.